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“Protect what you love” is the tagline for a new Maui-based initiative called The Water People Collective. “Our mission is bring attention to ocean health, both the many challenges as well as the emerging solutions, by connecting water athletes with government, industry, business, media and science,”

  • Collecting ocean data globally with our ambassadors (athletes) and partners (Sun & Sea Technologies); 

  • Creating real-time databases of the current global ocean conditions;  

  • Open-sourcing the continued data collection for the benefit of the international scientific community; 

  • Educating the global community through films, TV, books, magazines, social media and immersive platforms like the metaverse; 

  • Promoting solutions and inspiring others to action for the benefit of ocean health. 

Expedition Swims : EPIC SWIM MAUI
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In the spring 2024, two watermen from very different backgrounds will set out on a journey into the unknown, to raise awareness about ocean health. 


Extreme swimmer and UN Ocean Ambassador Andre Wiersig, and windsurfing world champion and big wave surfer Robby Seeger, plan to swim around the island of Maui, Hawai’i – a “Tour de France” around the birthplace of modern water culture. This unprecedented expeditionary swim will take 8-12 days, covering 160 miles / 250 km.

It’s an adventure of epic proportions, with the swimmers facing countless challenges. Because of partnerships with scientists, environmental activists, Hawaiian elders, and the United Nations, it’s a global call to collectively unite for ocean solutions. 


Epic Swim Maui is being held in honor of Duke Kahanamoku, who is often called the original or “ultimate” waterman. Duke is remembered not only as the father of modern surfing, but also as an Olympic swimming champion whose legacy of ocean stewardship serves as a guiding example to us all.


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